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Sad Love Quotes and Heart Broken Messages

Sad Love Quotes
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Falling in love is one of the best things that can happen to you. However, sometimes, some love stories do not go in a direction where we want them. There are failures, and even heart breaks. Sometimes we are not able to find word which will express your feelings towards your partner. To help you find the right expression for your feelings, we have listed down some of the best Sad Love Quotes for Her, Sad Love Quotes, Sad Love Messages, Heart Broken Quotes, Heart Broken Messages, Hearth Broken Images, and the Best Heart Broken Quotes. Hope that now you will have the right way to say how you feel to your partner and your feelings will not be hidden when you are hurt.

Sad Love Quotes for Her

When you left me without a reason, I was heart, but then I close the doors of my heart for you. You are no more allowed.

We were not meant to be together. I don’t blame you, but our destiny. I wish we could have changed it for once.

One of the worst things that you put me in was to watch you love someone else, when you knew I loved you.

It would have been better if you might have not made any promises. Broken promises hurt worse than promises not made.

I loved you the most, but you hurt me the most. I made you smile the most, and you made me cry the most. Same effort, different feelings!

Sad Love Quotes

When you are around for a lot of time with someone, it become shard to let them go and there is nothing more that hurts more than forgetting about them.

It is not about how much I hate you, it is how much I hate myself without you.

I loved you for the person you were, and you left me for the person I am not. I accepted your flaws, and you pointed out my flaws. One difference made us quit.

When you love someone more than you love yourself, when they leave, you start hating yourself and blaming yourself for everything that went wrong.

One day we were together, and the other day you were just gone. I wish I had known why, and that’s all!

Sad Love Messages

“I was only a somebody to you, and you were everything to me. I wish you could have stayed for a while longer to see how much my love was for you, and still remains.”

If only there was a way to go back in time, I would still ask for you even if you left me again. I would rather get my heart broken again, to have you back just for once more.

“You are the soul to my body, heart to my soul, and love to my heart. You are my everything. All I want is you, and you don’t want the same, and that hurts.”

“You have hurt me more than I have ever deserved for loving you more than you deserved. We both wish we could take it back, you wish to take the hurt back, but I want to take the love back.”

“It is the most difficult thing in the world to love someone with all your heart, who does not love you back at all. It hurts a lot to live life with a broken heart and soul.”

Heart Broken Quotes

Rejection was not what hurt me. What hurt me was that I had lost my chance at having you in my life forever.

You never cared for my feelings, and I cared about your feelings more than mine. May be this is why you could not see how I felt about you.

For you it was just a NO, for me it was a lifetime of pain, rejection, sadness, and a broken heart which aches every time when it sees you with someone else.

“I am not sad that you did not choose me, I am just broken because you chose someone who does not love you the way you deserve to be loved.”

“It is hard to love someone and not be loved back. But it is even harder to have them in your life and listen about the person who they love by them. It is an ache which I wish nobody would have to feel ever.”

Heart Broken Messages

“Once I lose my trust with you because you lied, I will member be able to trust you the way I used to and probably will not be able to love you the way I did because you ruined it forever.”

I am not sad that you lied to me or broke my heart. I am just sad that I thought we would last forever. The dreams that you shattered are the worst and that hurt the most.

“I know you have moved on and I happy that you did. But jo you know, I could not. and if one day someone breaks your heart too, which I hope does not happen. But if it does, and you look back at times, then just remember, I always be here waiting for you to come back. I will still love you the way I used to and there will be nothing that will change within us.”

“I thought I was strong. But maybe it was not me, it was you who made me feel strong. When you left, I felt lost. And then I understood that what made me ME was you, and now without you, I feel isolated and nothing like I was.”

The pain was not in the breakup. It was in the part when I had to struggle to forget you, and let you go. The pain was worst when I had to forgive you which I could not ever.


Heart Broken Quotes Images

“There are times when I think about you. There are times when I think about us. But most of the times, all I think about is Why Me? Why Us? Why did it have to happen to us and why did it have to happen to me. Why did you have to leave? Why could you not love me as much as I did.”

“I wish it was different. I wish it was not me who had to suffer. I wish we could have made it work. I wish you could have stayed a while longer to let it happen. I wish WE could have happened.”

I love you from the day we first met. I wish I knew you did not. it was not love when you said so. It was nothing. It was one sided. Only if I had known, things would have been different. I wish I could have known that it was love only when I said it and meant it.

“The first time I laid eyes on you, you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I know you do not love me now, but I just want to tell you that I do, and for me you are still the most beautiful girl in the world because my love never changed for you.”

You made my winters like spring, my darkness into light, and now that you have gone, even the brightest days in my life seem dull and dark. You made my life heaven and you are the only reason that it has turned into hell.

Best Heart Broken Quotes

I don’t blame you for breaking my heart. It is the fault of my heart and of myself that I let it fall for you that I let it outreach you and that I let it love you more than it loved me. I wish I could have stopped it the first time it took your name or skipped a beat when it saw you. I wish I had never loved you, I wish I had never met you!

“I wish that y heart made a sound every time someone break it. maybe then people would realize that a broken heart aches and quenches for care. Maybe it does not ask for it, or shows that it has been broken, but it hurts, it hurts like hell, and it is worse than any other body part being broken.”

The thing about a broken heart is that the person who broke it is the only person who can fix it. but the worse part is that you cannot get them to fix it so you always have to let it stay broken and that is just SAD

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